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Healthy living is an investment in your future. Explore the Take One Step website and discover how you can make healthy, positive choices every day!

Smoking Cessation
Smoking cigarettes is a powerful addiction.  If you have tried to quit in the past, you know how difficult it can be.  Quitting the habit for good will have a positive effect on your health and well being for life.
Stopping smoking requires desire, determination and commitment. You can be successful when you know what to expect and create a game plan to combat the physical and psychological side effects.  Here are just a few tips to assist you:
• Design a personal game plan.  This may include quitting cold turkey, gradually decreasing the amount of nicotine over a period of time or speak to your more...
Low Back Problems in Sedentary Work Environments
Low back problems are not restricted to manual material handling tasks.  Sedentary work environments requiring a prolonged, static sitting posture also contributes to low back problems.  They are largely due to a loss of lordotic curvature in the spine and at the same time increasing in disc pressure when the pelvis rotates backward and the lumbar spine and torso rotate forward.
A chair with backrest inclination angle between 110° to 120° and a proper lumbar support will result in the transfer of the body weight to the backrest and a reduced disc pressure. Moreover, properly adjusted seat height more...
Gardening Health and Safety Tips
Gardening can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get physical activity, beautify the community, and grow nutritious fruits and vegetables. Whether you are a beginner or expert gardener, health and safety are always important.  Below are some tips to help keep you safe and healthy so that you can enjoy the beauty and bounty gardening can bring.
 Dress to protect.
Gear up to protect yourself from lawn and garden pests, harmful chemicals, sharp or motorized equipment, insects, and harmful rays of too much sun.
• Wear sturdy shoes, and long pants when using lawn mowers and other machinery.
• Protect more...
Severe allergic reactions (e.g. anaphylactic reaction) occur when the body's immune system strongly reacts to a particular allergenic protein or irritant. These reactions may be caused by food, insect stings and medications.  When a reaction is triggered, onset of symptoms may develop quickly.
Common symptoms of anaphylaxis include:
• low blood pressure, dizziness, sweating, or fainting
• hives
• nausea, cramping, diarrhea, or vomiting
• swelling of the face and throat
• wheezing or difficulty breathing
Sometimes, anaphylaxis can cause other symptoms as well. These include:
• chest pain
• flushing
• headache more...
Home Security
Many people who go on vacation wonder if their house will be safe while they are away. When you go on vacation, the last thing you want is a phone call telling you that your house was robbed - or even worse - coming back from vacation and discovering damage and loss. Here are some tips for securing your home.
• Before you leave, check every door and window to make sure that everything is locked and sealed, including your garage door, shed, and basement windows. Also, make sure that you have no spare keys lying around that are "hidden" under a mat or under a rock. Burglars know where more...
Grief and Bereavement
The death of a loved one or of a significant person in one’s life can bring on many symptoms that leave individuals feeling many different reactions.  An emotional reaction to a death can bring on symptoms of depression that can be debilitating.
Kubler-Ross coined the five stages of grief to help normalize people’s experience of loss:  They are:  Denial,  Anger,  Bargaining,  Depression,  and  Acceptance.  Most people experience these stages in the 2 to 5 years following the loss of a significant person in their lives.  Depending on the type of relationship with the deceased, some may experience more...
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