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Rights and responsibilities – Employers

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) outlines the specific duties of Ontario employers.

Employers must take all reasonable precautions to protect the health and safety of anyone at or near the workplace. Some of their duties include:

complying with, and ensuring that workers comply with, the act and regulations
posting a copy of the act in the workplace
preparing a written occupational health and safety policy, reviewing the policy at least once a year, setting up a program to implement the policy, and posting a copy in the workplace
providing safety instruction and job training
ensuring that workers have the right equipment and safety gear to do their job safely
providing and maintaining equipment in good condition
ensuring that workers use equipment and protective devices properly
ensuring workers are not exposed to health and safety hazards
informing workers of any potential or actual health and safety hazards in the workplace that are known to the employer
keeping and maintaining accurate records of the handling, storage, use, and disposal of biological, chemical or physical agents
following proper procedures in case of injury:
ogiving first aid immediately
ogetting the person to a doctor or hospital if necessary
oinvestigating the incident and reporting the injury, without delay, to the proper authorities
appointing competent supervisors
having worker representation for health and safety, and co-operating with these representatives
providing health and safety representatives with the results of any occupational health and safety report that the employer has and advising workers of the results of the report

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