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Take One Step > Posts > Chocolate Anyone ?
Chocolate Anyone ?
As Valentines Day is upon us and some of us may be enjoying a chocolate … or two … or three, we should be looking at what types of chocolate to choose.
Did you know that dark chocolate and coco powder are a rich source of flavonoids? Flavonoids have antioxidant effects and as such they protect the cells in your body from damage caused by the wear and tear of daily life.  This information has encouraged chocolate manufacturers to look at developing proprietary methods in the processing of coco beans to ensure that the flavonoid content is preserved.
Cocoa powder, which is low in fat, would surely be a healthier option to get a chocolate fix and a dose of flavanols. Alkalizing cocoa (also known as Dutch processing) produces a milder flavour and darker color but destroys most of the flavonoids. Since coco is high in flavanol it is naturally bitter, chocolate manufacturers have been working to make it more palatable.
Some research suggests that dark chocolate may have a beneficial effect on your heart health, and may also help improve your overall mood. More research is required before we have an idea of chocolate’s impact on our health.
Although chocolate may offer health benefits, keep in mind that it is also a high source of calories and fat, that being the case, it should be enjoyed in moderation.

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