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Take One Step > Posts > Colorectal Cancer Screening
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Colorectal cancer is the second most common cause of cancer deaths among men and women in Canada (Canadian Cancer Statistics 2011).  Colorectal cancer grows very slowly. and usually doesn’t cause any symptoms in the early stages. There are tests that can check your colon for signs of cancer before you have any symptoms or even before the cancer starts to grow.  Take the first step and talk to your doctor about colon cancer screening.

The exact causes of colorectal cancer are not known. However, studies show that the following risk factors increase a person’s chances of developing colorectal cancer and they have been divided into two main categories: those risk factors that you cannot change and those that are lifestyle-related and therefore subject to change/alteration.
What increases my risk for colorectal cancer?
• Age 50 or over
• Personal history of colorectal polyps or cancer
• Personal history of inflammatory bowel disease
• Family history of colorectal cancer
• Inherited syndromes
• African American ethnicity
• Jews of Eastern European descent
• Personal history of other cancers

• High fat, low fibre diet
• Physical inactivity
• Type II Diabetes
• Obesity
• Smoking
• Excessive alcohol consumption
Six ways to keep your colon healthy!
1. Eat well.
2. Be active.
3. Don’t smoke.
4. Cut down on alcohol consumption.
5. Talk to your doctor.
6. Get checked.
Sources: Canadian Partnership Against Cancer Corporation ( and Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada (

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